Has NO ONE Read the ObamaCare Manifesto?

By John W. Lillpop

Going into the March 26-28 Supreme Court hearings on the Big Government Bill of Rights—also known as ObamaCare—it was obvious that this 2,700 pages of propaganda had pissed off scores of millions of Americans who, for the most part, had not actually read a single page from the bloated and, as we now surmise, unconstitutional blathering stuffed with outright lies and gross exaggerations, all of which advocate on behalf of this tragic waste of paper.

Going in, it was common knowledge that Congress critters charged with voting Yeah or Nay had not bothered to read the document, a fact certified by the lame-brained Nancy Pelosi who urged passage so that we could then find out what was actually in the bill.

That is the sort of logic that would cause one to demand an autopsy on a living person to determine if said individual has any life-threatening maladies.

Although we knew full well that no one in Congress had read the damn thing, we were shocked to learn that Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Breyer had avoided the read based on protections against cruel and unusual punishment as set forth in the 8th Amendment.

All of which leads to the burning question: Has anyone on the planet read ObamaCare, and if so, why?