Obama’s Naive Energy Solution: Let Them Pump Algae!

By John W. Lillpop

Whether or not to fill one’s automobile with gas used to be a relatively simple decision. If the needle said E or close to E, you filled the damn tank and moved on.

However, with Barack Obama and Steven Chu (Obama’s Anti-energy guru) in charge, “filling it up” requires an advanced degree in economics to assure that one is making the most prudent decision without threatening the kids’ education, retirement plans, health care options, and other major areas of life that need proper fiscal attention and discipline.

This outrageous conundrum is yet another example of big -government Marxism gone amuck, where elitist bureaucrats work 24/7 to get Americans out of their automobiles, ostensibly to end the nation’s reliance on oil.

Especially foreign oil, like that which comes from unstable Middle-Eastern nations where terrorism is the only commodity that exceeds petroleum when it comes to exports.

Just to be safe, the Obama-Chu war on energy has been expanded to include non-Middle East nations which are not officially designated as sponsors of terrorism, but which arouse progressive suspicions none the less.

Like Canada and the Keystone Pipeline which, had it not been for Obama, would have put 20,000 Americans back to work in an economy all but devastated by out-of-control spending, massive deficits, and the incoherent and incompetent meddling of a naïve Marxist who has never balanced a budget in his entire life, and who finds the very notion of limited spending to be racist and Anti-American!

Thus, while middle-class Americans face the looming threat of $5 a gallon gasoline, or worse, the Obama “progressive” energy strategy is: “Let them pump algae!”


Just how in the hell is algae supposed to help the unemployed plumber in Los Angeles who needs to drive 10 miles for a job interview, but cannot afford the gasoline needed to motor him to the first employment nibble he has had in seven months?

Of course, left-wing elitists like Obama and Chu do not concern themselves with mundane issues like the price of gasoline.

Indeed, out-of-touch elitists are so shielded from the realities of life that $5 or $6 a gallon gasoline is important only when it is perceived as being a significant threat to the president’s approval ratings and re-election prospects!

Obama and the Democrats: “Party of the Little Guy”?

Don’t be silly!