Some Good News About ObamaCare from SCOTUS!

By John W. Lillpop

From Washington, D.C. came good news from the Associates reviewing the Marxist nightmare known as ObamaCare.

To begin with, the country has finally found out what is in the 2,700 pages of tyranny passed by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and signed by the namesake of the fiasco, Barack Obama.

It took more than two years of leftist spinning and outright lies for truth to will out, but the conservative justices took just three days to distill all the BS into plain English:

ObamaCare is a highly flawed, unconstitutional and feeble attempt by Obama and his Democratic demons to “Fundamentally Change America” from a liberty-based system of free market enterprise into a Marxist nanny state where people like Nancy Pelosi are in charge of critical life and death decisions best left in the hands of intelligent citizens.
In other words, Ms. Pelosi, conservatives on the court discovered what exactly is in the foolish bill. Suffice it to say, they were not amused.

Of course, that could change before a final decision is rendered, but gambling people are betting that ObamaCare will join the Obama “Stimulus Plan,” the push for $8 a gallon gas, closure of GITMO, handling of the federal deficit, the Solyndra mess, Fast and Furious and other humungous flops in the Barack Obama Loser’s Hall of Fame!

Democrats like Harry Reid reflected the general atrophy that appears to be ravaging the minds of leftists when he claimed that Democrat fortunes in the November elections might actually be improved if ObamaCare were to be discarded like a stinky old newspaper ripped from the floor of a bird cage.

Justice Scalia made peace of mind for millions of Americans a lot easier when he seemed to shoot down the notion of government dictating what people eat, as in an “Michelle Care” scheme, that would required consumption of copious amounts of salt-less, butter-less, and tasteless broccoli by enslaved Americans addicted to burgers, fries, and creamy milk shakes.

Thanks for that Judge!

By the way, in the interest of cutting down the costs of government why didn’t the nine of you take up the “Birther Issue” while you were all together?

You know, throw out the offending baby along with the dirty bath water!

Perhaps next time?