Was bin Laden Read His Miranda Rights? In Arabic?

Was bin Laden Read His Miranda Rights? In Arabic?

By John W. Lillpop

ACLU attorneys, joined by far-left Democrats and other moon bats generally opposed to American Exceptionalism, are no doubt gathering in undisclosed parking lots in downtown Detroit to discuss the atrocious “murder” of that Holy Warrior, the innocence and sweetness kid himself, the now-deposed Osama bin Laden.

Those on the left are particularly interested in knowing if OBL was read his Miranda rights before that Navy Seal sharp-shooter turned Osama’s skull into first-class cleaning mess for the morning maid?

Just as urgently, was the reading done in Arabic so that the 6’4” killer fully understood the proceeding?

Did OBL realize that he had the right to remain silent until Erick Holder could locate Ramsey Clarke, the over-the-hill, perpetually inept lawyer who successfully defended former evil-doer Saddam Hussein?

Successfully? Yes, from the perspective of America, the Kurds, and millions of other victims of the Butcher of Baghdad.

Was Osama offered the chance to surrender to avoid death and live out his years in that tropical paradise known as GITMO with all expenses paid by the U.S.?

Was Osama assured that GITMO would never be closed despite Obama campaign pledges because Democrats in Congress smacked The One down during the lame duck Congress?

Was OBL made aware of the fact that by accepting GITMO confinement he would be reunited with old pal Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, where the two could co-plot the next slaughter of innocent people?

Unless ALL of these questions can be answered in the affirmative, then it is clear that Barack Obama is guilty of war crimes and Islamaphobia.

To which we say, “About time, BHO. Congratulations!”