Bin Laden’s Next Stop: Martyr Heaven or Junk Food for Hungry Sharks?

By John W. Lillpop

Assuming that the news concerning Osama bin Laden’s overdue, but much welcomed, demise is factual and not simply the opening salvo in Barack Obama’s billion-dollar campaign to dupe the American public into another four years of Marxist failure and misery, We the people deserve to know just where the hell this renegade terrorist (bin Laden, that is!)is headed.

Perish the thought, but is it possible that bin Laden has successfully migrated to Martyr Heaven and is in the tedious process of claiming 72 voluptuous virgins as his reward for visiting death and destruction on countless infidels, including 3,000 innocent Americans?

We certainly hope that the brutal killer is not so blessed, but should that be the unfortunate case, we wish that each and every one of bin Laden’s virgins looks like Helen Thomas with the intellect of Nancy Pelosi!

That would be divine justice, indeed!

It would be even more appropriate if the deposed Islamofascist were buried at sea and is, thus, providing a rich “junk food” treat for hungry sharks.

Either way, the fact that bin Laden is gone is all good. Allah willing, of course!