American Exceptionalism Shines---Despite Obama!

By John W. Lillpop

Although President Obama has consistently denied that America and her people are exceptional when compared to other nations, the events in Pakistan on May 1 say otherwise.

The irony of the bin Laden deposing is that the final order to that elite crew of Navy Seals came from a president who believes that Americans are no better than others.

However, on the morning of May 2, that silly argument was completely debunked, especially with respect to U.S. military and intelligence capabilities.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waxed poetic when she admonished the Taliban to recognize that Osama’s death is proof that “You cannot defeat us, or wait us out.”

Or as George W. Bush declared nearly 10 years ago in warning Al-Quaeda, “You can run, but you cannot hide!”

By the way, many thanks to W. for employing harsh “interrogation techniques” to get Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to sing, which provided the valuable intelligence needed to kill OBL.

Barack Obama? The best thing one can say about him is that he did not get in the way.

As for the future, Obama should cut-off all foreign aid to Pakistan, triple the CIA budget , and propose adding W.s likeness to Mt. Rushmore.

Viva USA! Viva USA!