What Exactly Are They Protesting?

By John W. Lillpop

On November 4, California voters passed Proposition 8, thereby adding the following language to the state constitution:

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

Those 14 hate-filled, Nazi-inspired, homophobic words of discrimination and bigotry have caused a major kerfuffel in California as thousands of marchers have taken to the streets to express their outrage.

In particular, protesters have targeted the Mormon Church for that church's financial and political support for Prop. 8.

Protesters are threatening to create a national firestorm as they congregate, shout, and DEMAND!

Demand what?

The right to vote in free and open elections?

That free and open elections be banned when the results do not suit their minuscule minority and its agenda?

Free speech and other rights set forth in the Bill of Rights?

An end to discrimination against gays in housing, employment, and education?

The right to enter into relationships with same sex partners openly and freely, without being harassed by straight citizens and governments?

A Constitutional ban on any religious expression which holds that homosexual behavior is sinful?

Or are protesters demanding that an unwilling American public be forced to accept the notion that gay marriage is a right, the infringement of which constitutes a civil rights evil on a par with slavery and Jim Crow laws?

Instead of protesting against religious expression, the protesters should actually take their signs and threats of violence to the headquarters of La Raza and NAACP to demand that those tax-exempt organizations convince Latinos and African-Americans that same-sex marriage is indeed a "civil rights" issue.

And why not work to convince the most liberal man ever elected to the U.S. presidency to include acceptance of gay marriage in his CHANGE agenda?

After all, President-elect Obama has been very clear: He is opposed to same-sex marriage!