Bailing Out Henry Paulson!

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Should America bail out Henry Paulson? Is that a good or bad idea?

To begin with, it will be necessary to arrest the corrupt criminal, which should have happened two months ago.

Next, the alleged Secretary of Treasury will have to stand before a judge, face the charges, and have bail set.

The charges against this enemy of America should include sedition, extortion, election fraud, grand larceny, and conspiracy to overturn the government.

Bail should be set at $851 billion dollars which will cover the amount of the bail out scheme, plus a dollar for processing.

When convicted, this infidel should be sent to Tikrit, the birth pace and final resting spot of Saddam Hussein.

Paulson's journey should be complicated by having a George W. Bush face mask irreversibly glued to his own face, wearing a T-shirt that screams "Allah Sucks!" while being released in the seediest neighborhood of Tikrit at 3 AM, Saturday morning.

His ashes, or whatever remains of his sorry life, should be added to camel manure and sold as garden mulch in Baghdad.

Then he should be punished in a "cruel and unusual" manner!