The Audacity of Impertinent Questions!

How has Auntie adjusted to being back in Kenya?

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Despite indications that the main stream media are committed to granting President-elect Obama a four year moratorium on tough questions, with a four year option to renew, there are some with sufficient audacity to ask impertinent questions right from the get go.

A few of my favorites.

Mr. President:

During the campaign, you requested that a special prosecutor look into charges of voter fraud by ACORN. When can we expect arrests, and will any of your staff or family be implicated?

When will your response to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter be released to the public?

How is Auntie adjusting to her new life in Kenya? When was she deported from America?

Given your strong support for public schools and teacher's unions, which local public school will you daughters attend?

What plans do you have for redistributing YOUR wealth to less fortunate family members? Like your half brother and Auntie in Kenya?

With so many Clintonistas joining your administration, is the word CHANGE no longer in vogue?

With same-sex proponents on a national rampage in response to free and open elections that did not go their way, do you plan to make acceptance of gay marriage a major element in your CHANGE template? Perhaps to be announced during your first State of the Union address?

Is Rohm Emanuel really the best man to be Chief of Staff in the "post-partisan" era?

When do you plan to invade Pakistan? Before or after you surrender in Iraq?

Does the Democrat Party no longer consider campaign finance reform a major priority? Is the fact that you raised $650 million dollars a factor?

As president-elect can't you unilaterally veto plans to invade your space--like for instance, your mother-in-law's plans to live in the White House?

Thank you, Mr. President-elect!