Is W. Ever Going to Govern like a Conservative?

By John W. Lillpop

With only about five weeks remaining in his presidency, George W. Bush is not going to change his legacy as the most liberal "conservative" president in history.

He does, however, have a couple of opportunities in which to leave office in a blaze of, if not glory, at least somewhat muted mutiny.

To begin with, the president can refuse to continue playing the game of Monopoly with taxpayer funds as Democrats are want to do when it comes to the auto manufacturing industry.

Spending any amount of taxpayer money to buy an interest in the Big Three is a fool's mission. Until Detroit sheds it's outrageous cost of labor commitments and makes products that are truly competitive, money sent there is nothing except "good money chasing bad."

This president must make it clear that American taxpayer money should not be used to bail out Detroit; he should enforce that position with a veto if need be.

One of the major disappointments of the W. presidency has been his refusal to secure our borders and support the brave men and women who serve America in the Border Patrol.

W.'s shameful performance in the overall area of immigration is particularly wretched when it comes to his refusal, so far, to pardon border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean who have been prosecuted and persecuted for defending America from invading criminals from Mexico.

It will be remembered that Ramos and Compean chased illegal alien Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila back across the Mexican border, thereby preventing the thug from smuggling drugs into America.

Davila left American soil sans a few grams of brown buttocks blasted off his criminal being by a single shot from Ramos or Compean.

However, Davila was not injured too gravely, as he attempted to smuggle a “second load” of drugs into the U.S., an indiscretion for which he was arrested.

Unfortunately, the Bush administration was able to convict Ramos and Compean based on testimony provided by the drug smuggling illegal alien himself, the insufferable Davila.

That conviction led to sentences which cheated Ramos and Compean out of twelve and eleven years of life, respectively.

President George W. Bush must not leave the White House without having executed a full and unconditional pardon for Messrs. Ramos and Compean.

In order to show even a modest respect for conservative values, W. must veto any additional bailout bills and pardon Ramos and Compean before leaving office on January 20.