What Exactly Is Obama “Exit Strategy” for ISIS War?

By John W. Lillpop

Weeks ago, Barack Obama took to national television to inform America and the world of his grand “strategy” for dealing with ISIS, the deadliest  terrorist organization in the history of the planet. 

Will all of the gall and arrogance of a heavily-decorated, career veteran whose specialty is war, the naïve leader of the free world let it be known that his strategy was to “degrade” and “destroy” the Islamic State, which, the Muslim-sympathizing president reminded us, is neither Islamic nor a state.

To those who know the devious, deceitful side of Obama, this was simply another elaborate head fake, disguised as a military plan. Furthermore, the Obama strategy was missing a key element: An exit strategy.

Why is an exit strategy important, you ask? 

It is important because, Pentagon sources are saying the Obama war could last years!

Is the American public ready for another Middle-East war that could last years?
As reported:

Briefing reporters on the strikes inside Syria conducted by coalition forces on Monday night into Tuesday morning, Lieutenant General Bill Mayville confirmed that those strikes were “only the beginning.”

Mayville detailed the Pentagon’s strategy to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, which will focus primarily on Iraq before shifting to the Syrian theater. “Look at what we’re trying to do regionally,” he said. “We are focused first in Iraq because we have a partner in Iraq to work with; the Iraqi Security Forces, the Iraqi government.”

“We are trying to disrupt their support bases while we enable in Iraq the Iraqi Security Forces — with the help of partners — to dislodge and ultimately remove ISIL from Iraq,” he added.

“Could this take years?” NBC reporter Jim Miklaszewski asked.

“I would think of it in terms of years, yes,” Mayville replied.

Mayville was not referring to the administration’s strategy of vetting, extricating, arming, training, and reinserting Syrian rebel forces into northern Syria to fight ISIS (and Assad), which the administration admits will take years. Mayville is only referring here to the campaign to degrade and dislodge ISIS from Iraq.”

Of course, Obama is loathe to think in terms of win or victory when it comes to war.  Thus, it seems safe to assume that the Obama exit strategy is at follows:

Surrender and retreat, date to be announced as conditions warrant!