VP Biden: Time to Take Back America!

By John W. Lillpop

Vice-president Joe Biden stole a page from the Republican play book when he admonished Americans to take back America. As reported at the reference, Biden waxed giddy about the role of labor unions on this labor day in Detroit.

Although Biden did not offer specifics, it is a safe bet that he did NOT advocate taking Back America to the Days When……:

National defense was always the # 1 priority of the Commander-in-Chief, far ahead of golf and other recreational distractions, vacations, fundraising, and partisan posturing;

Having a well-conceived intelligent strategy for defending America was an automatic part of the national security apparatus and primary responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief;

Americans optimistically expected to bequeath better lives to their offspring;

Personal ideology was never reason enough for any president to deliberately seek to destroy an industry, and with it, millions of employment opportunities;

The loss of American lives was ALWAYS of paramount importance: Failure to defend our own, as in Benghazi, ALWAYS MADE A BIG  DIFFERENCE!

American military political influence was respected and feared throughout the world, rather than being regarded as weak and deserving of scorn and ridicule;

No American, including the president and other powerful government officials, was above the law;

Using Executive Orders to bypass Congress with respect to codified law was unheard of;

The job of the IRS was to collect taxes in accordance with the law; it did not include authority to target and/or discriminate against political enemies of the president;

Although Americans often differed with the president and government leaders on specific matters of policy, most citizens genuinely believed that the president was an honorable person who shared their core values, culture,  and traditions and was on their side; and

The role of the Vice President was to attend state funerals on behalf of the president and to tend to largely ceremonial tasks. Period!

Biden would do well to limit his participation to funerals and other mundane affairs where his tendency to do really goofy things can be minimized.

Reference http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/26417788/vp-joe-biden-speaking-in-detroit-on-labor-day