NFL Must Act to Counter Pandemic of Brain Damage in Front Offices!

By John W. Lillpop

A recent report indicates that perhaps 60% of former NFL players will at some point suffer brain damage. Obviously, this statistic is extremely disturbing and needs to be addressed by league offices as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the brain damage that afflicts players in on-field confrontations has inexplicably spread to the administrative front offices of the various teams AND even to the office of the NFL Commissioner himself.

Specifically, in the case of  Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice, who knocked his fiancĂ©e out cold in an elevator and then proceeded to drag his lady around by the hair, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apparently suffered a devastating brain injury which caused him to deal with the Rice offense by suspending the star for two games!

Two games, Roger?

After a video showing Rice using his lady as a punching bag emerged, Commissioner Goodell “rethought” the matter and decided that an indefinite suspension was more appropriate.

However, brain damage quickly spread to the NFL Players Union which appealed Goodell’s tougher stance.

Then out of the blue, disaster spread to Minnesota and the personage of Adrian Peterson who was indicted in Texas on a felony charge of child abuse!

The front office of the Minnesota Vikings took note of the Rice kerfuffel and acted conservatively by forcing Peterson to sit out last week’s game.

So far so good!

Then in a stunning reminder of how wicked brain damage can be, on Monday, the Vikings front office reinstated Peterson for no apparent reason.

Apparently the well being of a four-year old boy is not important enough to fret about a felony beating inflicted by a super star!

The big question: For the sake of women and children, should crash helmets be required gear for decision makers in front offices of the NFL?