“We Will Destroy ISIS,” But Are NOT At War with Them?

By John W. Lillpop

Why is it that the Obama administration is so obsessed with denying the truth about America’s war with ISIS?

As reported:

Secretary of State John Kerry says President Obama's vow to "destroy ISIS" through air strikes, bombing and support for a coalition of ground forces is not a war.

Speaking in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, after attempting to rally support for the war that's not a war, Kerry told CBS News that he prefers to use the President's go-to euphemism "long-term counter terrorism operation" rather than war because using the word "war" will just stir up "war fever".

Earth to John Kerry: When the heads of Americans are violently cut from their bodies by ISIS freaks and shown in videos broadcast to world, “War Fever” will is to be expected, except among leftist dimwits still on a rampage to discredit George W Bush!

Furthermore, Americans are a compassionate, forgiving people, but we are NOT stupid.

It simply makes no sense for the President of the United States to promise to “destroy ISIS” and then deny that we are at war!

To Obama: Waste no more time and energy to create euphemistic double talk! Instead, get on with the “destroy” mission and forget the idiotic word games!

In other words, as the blood of two American journalists spilled at the hands of 7th century ISIS freaks, war was declared and nothing that our Secretary of State or alleged Commander-in-Chief say can alter that fact!

Stop the BS and start killing ISIS thugs--- as if you were really serious about protecting American lives!