Looking Forward to the Obama “Strategy”? Don't Be Silly!

By John W. Lillpop

When, and if, Barack Obama gets out of his tan suit and off the golf course(s) long enough to pay attention to the chaos dominating world affairs, most of which is due to his own immaturity, arrogance, faulty judgment, laziness, and pro-Islamic sympathies, perhaps The One will, at long last, announce the US strategy for dealing with ISIL, Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the invasion of the American homeland via the unsecured southern border with Mexico.

Just what can anxious Americans expect from the reluctant leader of the free world in these most perilous of times?

Will the Obama “strategy” put ISIL and Russian thugs on notice that America will rally behind the banner of justice and freedom in order to defeat throat-cutting religious freaks from the 7th century, and stifle a wily communist dictator seeking to return the “evil empire”  AKA, the USSR, to its former glory and deplorable past?

Will Obama reassert America as a land where the rule of law prevails, and where borders actually mean something?

Whatever it’s composite flavor, one can safely assume that the Obama strategy will be loaded with soaring, but otherwise meaningless, rhetoric, vulgarly long on pomposity, yet tragically short on substance.

So, too, will The One use the occasion of the coming out of the Obama strategy to engage in self-aggrandizement and pointing the finger so as to remind Americans that all problems, past, present, and future, originated in the dreary days of the Bush presidency, and that the only bright spots in world affairs are because of the Intellectual and Moral leadership provided by Barack Obama.

Citing the brutal beheading of yet another American journalist as evidence, Obama will remind the world that, despite his best efforts, GITMO remains open and is a major cause of Islamic knife-wielding savagery.

In short, Obama will double down on his proposal to evacuate GITMO. He will also urge tolerance and understanding of Muslims and their peculiar “religion of peace!”