VP Biden Gropes for Way to Knock Obamacare off Front Pages!

By John W. Lillpop

Few would argue with the assertion that Vice President Joe Biden has been a good and loyal soldier in the Barack Obama war on America over the past five plus years.

Most of Biden’s efforts on behalf of The One involve benign lying and cajoling on a variety of sensitive issues such as the economy, the withering of the American Dream, and US capitulation to Marxism.

Aside from an occasional and, mostly non- lethal, faux pas, Biden has provided much-needed comedic relief from the maddening arrogance and insolence of the poser now occupying the Oval House.

In other words, Biden has made it tolerable, if not fashionable, to “Embrace the Suck,” in order to survive the blistering tyranny and insufferable criminality of Barack Hussein Obama.

Unfortunately for Biden and the O team, Biden’s latest headline-grabbing antic, no doubt choreographed to drive the Obamacare news off the front pages, appears to involve grabbing of more than just new headlines.

Specifically, as reported at the reference, the VEEP may be pushing the envelope a bit too aggressively:

Sure, he likely didn’t mean anything overtly sexual by it. But Vice President Joe Biden is a folksy kind of guy who has officially entered dirty old man territory and done something sure to elicit laughs within the White House Press Corps.

Look how he’s manhandling The Hill‘s White House Correspondent Aime Parnes for this photograph taken at a recent holiday party that she posted on her Facebook page.

For most people’s tastes he’s grazing way too close to the vicinity of her abdomen. And watch her reaction. Is it shock, awe, utter disbelief? Whatever the expression, she appeared to roll with it with her hands firmly in control of his at least until the shot was over. If we were to guess her words we’d wager, “OH F–K SO THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.”

One can guess that VP Biden's corresponding words might be, "This is a big F******" Deal!"

Mrs. Biden's thoughts would surely be even more colorful; but would probably be totally unsuitable for a family publication!

Reference: http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/16/vice-president-joe-biden-gropes-white-house-reporter/#ixzz2neGxpAL9