Nancy Pelosi’s “Bare Cupboard” Folly Exposed in Tom Coburn’s “Waste Book”

By John W. Lillpop

Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) has a long and storied history of making outrageous, inflammatory, and just plain stupid remarks from her isolated tower of power on Capitol Hill.

Even so, few of Pelosi’s misinformed blurbs can compare to the sheer idiocy of her claim last September 22 when she declared that the “cupboard is bare” and that no further cuts to the federal budget could be countenanced.

As reported at the reference, Pelosi said the following:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Republican-led efforts to rein in government spending are pointless because there is nothing left to cut in the almost $4 trillion-a-year federal budget.

“The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make. It’s really important that people understand that,” Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, said in an interview broadcast Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“We cannot have cuts just for the sake of cuts.”

With a crippling 17 trillion (and growing) deficit hovering above untold future generations of Americans, it is remarkable that any reasonably-intelligent, responsible office holder would actually believe that anyone is pursuing “cuts for the sake of cuts.”

Then again, Pelosi is neither reasonably-intelligent nor responsible!

Just in time for Christmas, Pelosi’s foolishness was exposed by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) who released his annual oversight report “Waste Book 2013” highlighting 100 examples of wasteful and low-priority spending totaling nearly $30 billion.

As reported at reference 2, Coburn said the following:

“While politicians in Washington spent much of 2013 complaining about sequestration’s impact on domestic programs and our national defense, we still managed to provide benefits to the Fort Hood shooter, study romance novels, help the State Department buy Facebook fans and even help NASA study Congress,” said Dr. Coburn.

“Had Congress, in particular, been focused on doing its job of setting priorities and cutting the kind of wasteful spending outlined in this report, we could have avoided both a government shutdown and a flawed budget deal that was designed to avert a shutdown. The nearly $30 billion in questionable and lower-priority spending in Wastebook 2013 is a small fraction of the more than $200 billion we throw away every year through fraud, waste, duplication and mismanagement. There is more than enough stupidity and incompetence in government to allow us to live well below the budget caps. What’s lacking is the common sense and courage in Washington to make those choices – and passage of fiscally-responsible spending bills – possible,” said Dr. Coburn.

“This report speaks volumes about why confidence in government is at an all-time low. The hard truth is we’d much rather borrow than cut. The American people are right to expect more,” said Dr. Coburn.”

Examples of wasteful spending are highlighted in detail at the reference.

One additional federal study is urgently needed: How Pea-brained, Nanny-State Marxists from San Francisco Are Elected to Congress And How to Prevent the Spread of Pelosiism Throughout America!

Such a study would surely confirm that the most dangerous “bare cupboard” in America is between the ears of Nancy Pelosi!

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Reference 2 http://www.coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/pressreleases?ContentRecord_id=e7359436-1572-414e-8acc-0222cad1c7d5