Should Unsolicited “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Be Prosecuted As a Hate Crime?

By John W. Lillpop

There is growing discontent among liberal intellectuals that “free speech” is being abused to mask racial slurs, homophobia, and other objectionable thoughts and expressions, deemed unsuitable for public consumption by the left, and, therefore, should be banned.

For example, left-wing pundits have decided that calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” is somehow a racial slur.

Of course, the REAL slur is calling Obamacare “affordable,” as millions of millions are discovering to their utter horror.

Just in time for the Holidays, the Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty kerfuffel has ruffled more than just a few duck feathers as the Patriarch of America’s favorite TV family had the audacity to defend traditional boy-girl relationships, albeit with the use of overly- graphic words which, in truth, detract from the main message.

Robertson’s dissertation on the relative merits of male and female body parts as instruments of carnal pleasure have awakened the senses of tens of millions of Americans who still revere the Holy Bible as the literal word of God, and whom are repulsed by talk of same-sex sex, otherwise known as sin in the Good Book, and in many major religions even today.

Unfortunately, tolerance is on holiday in the minds of far too many liberals who view free speech as a fundamental right for those who espouse progressive ideals, but whom would deny equal free speech rights to those opposed to leftist agenda items and Marxist politicians.

Which brings us to the disputed War on Christmas, a war that liberals dismiss as folly, mere figments of right-wing hysteria as they (liberals) deliberately use every ploy in the book to keep nativity scenes, Christmas carols, Christmas trees, and anything even remotely resembling endorsement of Christ, from the public consciousness.

Regrettably, the secularization of Christmas has worked as more and more businesses are reverting to “Happy Holiday” rather than Merry Christmas to avoid offending.

Avoid offending? Christmas is about God incarnate, the Prince of peace and love!

But for the sake of tolerance, perhaps the laws should be strengthened to give greater emphasis to diversity and non-Christians?

Perhaps one who goes about wickedly shouting “MERRY CHRISTMAS” should be prosecuted for a hate crime?