New Worries for the Poor: Choosing Between Health Care and Fast- Food Served by $15 an Hour Tyrants?

By John W. Lillpop

From the “unintended consequences” folder for progressive idiocy:

Should the unwashed masses succeed in forcing businesses to pay $15 an hour minimum wage to unskilled, untalented, undeserving flippers of burgers and those who wash dishes for a living, impacted business owners will have no choice but to pass the additional expense onto the consuming public.

Which means that the poor, and near poor, will no longer be able to afford delicacies offered by fancy eateries like McDonald’s, Burger King, Jumbo Jack and other fast-food joints!

So what is the point?

Raising the minimum wage will only harm the poor because most well-to-do folks do not eat fast food to begin with, or if they do, will be able to easily afford the extra burden of Progressive idiocy gone wrong.

Another potential time bomb brought to the fore by liberalism: The poor will need every spare dime just to afford health care when Obamacare hits the streets on January 1.

Thus, the poor will be forced to decide between inferior Marxist health care and that burger and fries combo served by $15 an hour tyrants who cannot afford to eat where they work.

And so it is that the word “Progressive” continues to be misappropriated to describe ideologies that keep the poor desperately poor and create even more poverty, which makes work for goofy community organizers who spend their lives giving other people’s money away—for votes!

As Nancy Pelosi would say, “Embrace the Suck!,” and vote Democrat!