Sorry, Virginia, When It Comes to Health Care, There Is NO Santa Clause!

By John W. Lillpop

Millions of Americans were deliberately deceived and lied to by Barack Obama and the Democrats into believing that access to quality health care was a constitutional right, AND that it was free!

In fact, just as the Obamacare rollout was imploding in October, the Obamacare web site continued to boast of FREE health care!

That boast was a reflection of the President’s specious sales pitch which, remember, promised to insure 30 million previously uninsured while simultaneously REDUCING overall costs!

The fact that Obama’s lie was actually believed by millions of voters is an appalling indictment on lack of sophistication in our society.

It is also a shocking and highly distressing indictment of the lack of independent and objective review of government by the mainstream media!

Where in hell were the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and all of the other media outlets whose cynicism and pessimism would have descended on the White House like an Al-Quaeda terror attack had such an idiotic promise been made by a Republican in the Oval Office?

Why did warning alarms not sound when an inexperienced community organizer promised to cut costs while adding 30 million users of ANY commodity, much less health care?

How come Nancy Pelosi’s imbecilic “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it” prattle did not resonate with responsible journalists?

Or are there no longer any such beings (responsible journalists) in Washington these days?

Sadly, the bitter, bitter truth must be absorbed at Christmas, which is supposed to be the “Merriest Time of the Year!”

Thanks to progressive lies and incompetence, the new Christmas message to the masses is:

Sorry, Virginia, When It Comes to Health Care, There Is NO Santa Clause, and NO independent press to protect the people!

Grim but true: Santa Clause and the free press are no more!