Top Ten Issues More “Ridiculous” than GOP Opposition to Budget “Deal”!

By John W. Lillpop

On Wednesday, Speaker of the US House John Boehner(R-Ohio,), castigated fellow Republicans who dared express dissatisfaction with the budget “deal” worked out between Democrat Patty Murray and Republican Paul Ryan, a deal so awful that it was hailed by Barack Obama!

Boehner belched out his criticism of GOP conservatives with the following impolite words(reference 1):

"They're using the American people for their own purposes. This is ridiculous," Boehner said at a press conference with other members of House Republican leadership on Wednesday.

Ridiculous, Mr. Speaker?

Good grief, this so-called “deal” savages sequesters, the only policy that has actually reduced the mounting federal deficit in recent times, and pays but a meager pittance to really cutting the federal deficit, now hovering over the heads of future American generations at 17 trillion green backs!

What IS truly ridiculous is that an alleged leader of the Republican opposition has apparently lost all cognizance of conservative values and is now in the business of carrying water for our scandal-ridden Marxist President!

Other items in the news which are far more ridiculous than opposition to the budget scam include:

( )Obamacare and it’s potential harm to the health and welfare of the American people;

( )Continued presence of HHS hag Kathleen Sebelius on the US Government payroll AND, in fact,on US soil;

( ) Obama’s “Interim” Agreement with Iran which may be the greatest threat to US Homeland Security since the events of 9/11/01;

( )Willful abandonment of Israel and other US Allies;

( )John Kerry, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi;

( )50 million Americans on food stamps, millions more on welfare;

( )Amnesty for invading criminals;

( )The incoherent mess called US foreign policy;

( )Unresolved crimes involving Benghazi, unconstitutional abuse of power re the IRS scandal, “Fast and Furious,” and other high crimes and misdemeanors!, and

( )Global warming farce.

Get it ,Mr. Speaker?

The LAST thing you should be worried about are heroic efforts by patriotic Republicans to contain the Obama mad cow plague, which, unless it is resisted, threatens our very existence!

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/budget-deal-boehner-conservative-groups-heritage-club-for-growth-2013-12#ixzz2nI5Fj8LE