Time to Scrap Plans to Add Obama to Mt. Rushmore!

By John W. Lillpop

On the basis of the Obama re-election success and marginally improving economic situation, Obamamites have started a campaign to enhance the Mt. Rushmore landmark with the likeness of Barack Hussein Obama. That idea seemed to drive serious discussion just weeks ago.

However, in politics weeks can be an eternity. Since the first Barack on Mt. Rushmore mania was launched, The One has become mired in several scandals ranging from Benghazi to the IRS to the NSA spying fiasco which has US allies and foes alike stewing in simmering anger.

Then there is the matter of Obama’s ill-advised support for the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohammad Morsi. That support has perhaps at least 14 million Egyptians riled and in the streets, some bearing anti-Obama, anti-American signage.

The wild antics of Edward Snowden and his campaign of espionage have left America looking foolish, childish, and pathetic.

Finally we have news that the Obama troops have delayed implementation of a key phase of the Obamacare nightmare until 2015, safely out of the way after the 2014 elections.

Failure, after failure, after failure.

Isn’t it time for Obamamites to face reality? That man, Barack Hussein Obama, is no more worthy for being included at Mt. Rushmore than he was for the Nobel Peace Prize!

Give it up folks: Mt. Rushmore is reserved for the great and successful. Mediocrity is not allowed!