Lying Democrat Caught With Pants Up--- to Hide Them Being Down!

By John W. Lillpop

As a politician, Rep Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) should be able to navigate the narrow path between truth and non-truth with guile and cunning. As a Democrat, this is particularly important since out right truth is to be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately for Cohen, it appears the Democrat is an old school, good old boy who needs to bring his lying skills up to speed with modern technology.

As reported in this hilarious “gotcha” story:

The woman whom Rep. Steve Cohen has been claiming is his out-of-wedlock daughter is not, according to a paternity test revealed on Thursday.
CNN had a paternity test done on Victoria Brink with Cohen’s participation, although the Tennessee Democrat did not appear on camera. The test found no chance he was the 24-year-old’s father.

In a statement, Cohen said he was “stunned” at the result.

“I was stunned and dismayed at the results. I still love Victoria, hold dear the time I have shared with her and hope to continue to be part of her life,” he said.

During the 2013 State of the Union Cohen accidentally publicly tweeted at Brink, then deleting the tweets, writing in one “nice to know you were watching SOTU(state of the union).Happy Valentines beautiful girl. ilu.”

Cohen later explained the tweets to reporters, saying the young woman was his daughter, whose existence he had discovered only three years prior.

“I Googled her mother, found out she had a child and the math looked pretty accurate,” Cohen told NBC News at the time. “The mom told me we had a lot of catching up to do.”

The test found that the man who raised Brink, Texas oilman John Brink, is indeed her father.”

Advise for Rep. Cohen: Lying is an art form perfected by the Democrat party. Suggest you watch speeches by Barack Obama and or Bill Clinton for a crash course!

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/steve-cohen-paternity-test-94407.html#ixzz2ZQL2ZRU6