Exactly What Are Verdict Protestors Demanding?

By John W. Lillpop

It is a hallmark of our culture that the US Constitution protects free speech, even when it is illogical, nonsensical, and rather embarrassing.

For instance, according to news accounts, some Americans have taken to the streets to protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman who was found NOT GUILTY of any crime associated with his role in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

We can all understand the deep disappointment and hurt feelings suffered by the young man’s family and friends. He is dead and gone and the man who caused his demise is a free man.

However, rudimentary sentiments aside, just what exactly do the protestors want?

Would they be satisfied if the law was changed to include one or more of the following provisions:

( )Any individual who is known to have killed a young black male shall be convicted of murder or manslaughter, regardless of the facts involved, and shall be sentenced to prison for up to 30 years. No exceptions.

( )White and Hispanic females are racist by nature. Therefore, the composition of all-female juries shall include at least 12 percent African-Americans. Failure to abide by this formula shall render all jury decisions unconstitutional, null and void.

( )Any defendant who refuses to testify (to avoid cross- examination) is clearly guilty of all charges and shall be declared so by the presiding judge, as soon as judge is able to determine, beyond a reasonable doubt, that defendant has indeed elected not to testify.

( )Defense attorneys who argue with or otherwise demean the authority of the presiding judge are guilty of obstruction. The presiding judge may remedy said obstruction by deciding the case in favor of the prosecution without further ado.

( )Any murder trial in which the defense begins its case with a “Knock-knock” joke shall cause the judge to immediately declare the defendant guilty of all charges, with no option for appeal.

There you go. The wheels of justice roll uncontrollably toward bedlam in the golden age of Obama Tyranny!