“Self-evident” Truths from the Zimmerman Verdict

By John W. Lillpop

Liberal commentators are filling the air waves with exaggerations such as “It’s now OK to kill 17-year-old boys” and other such rubbish in wake of the Zimmerman verdict.

Despite the liberal tripping, it seems to me that the verdict does reinforce some self-evident truths which are worthy of celebrating.

Such as:

1. Being pummeled by a 17- year- old African American who looks how a son of President Obama might look does not obligate anyone, regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, etc., to accept great bodily harm or death without putting up a fight.

Self-defense is still a viable legal option and trumps political correctness when one’s head is being bloodied as a result of being repeatedly slammed into concrete.

2. The rule of law applies equally to all races, black, white, brown, or yellow. Thus, a white Hispanic male is protected by the full force of the US Constitution, the bill of rights, and is covered by the Declaration of Independence, despite being vilified as a cracker.

3. In conflicts between individuals of differing races, the rule of law confers no special protection and assigns no presumption of guilt on, or to, anyone based on race.

4. Justice based on politics is the stuff of third-world failed states and has no place in American jurisprudence.

5. Aspiring to be a cop is NOT an indictment of one’s character or indication of latent racism. Indeed, it usually reflects the sort of character that America looks for in public servants.

May these always be so!