Sharpton, Jackson Secretly Hoping for Zimmerman Acquittal?

By John W. Lillpop

Despite their public statements to the contrary, it is clear that racial hucksters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson really want George Zimmerman to walk away from his murder trial free and “innocent.”

When you are in the business of pimping racial hatred for a living, the last thing you need is for some chubby Hispanic cracker to be convicted and lead away to a prison cell for life just for snuffing a 17 year old punk with Skittles and iced tea.

A conviction would destroy the Sharpton-Jackson narrative which holds that America is still in the grips of a subtle form of slavery, one cleverly disguised by the presence of Barack Obama in the White House, Eric Holder as Attorney General, etc., when in fact nothing has changed.

A conviction would mean that Martin Luther King’s cry for a color-blind society is finally a reality. No more need to march through the streets to protest against the anti-black institutions that dominate American life.

A conviction would mean no riots, no wanton killings, no race wars---all sorely needed commodities at MSNBC and other leftist outposts presently dying on the vine from putrid ratings.

In a way, then, a Zimmerman conviction could be seen as a racist attack against the memory of Trayvon Martin and black people everywhere.

Perhaps Sharpton and Jackson should have a “back up” plan just in case justice is inadvertently served?

A proposed slogan: Don’t Be Fooled by the Zimmerman verdict. Slavery IS still very much alive in America!