Cure for "Shadows" Discovered: Deport Victims, Seal Borders!

John W. Lillpop

To hear all Democrats and RINOs tell it, the US government has enslaved tens of millions of poor, non-English speaking peasants from Mexico and other 3rd-world states in our great nation and is forcing the hapless victims to work in the “Shadows,” outside of mainstream society.

Welfare, food stamps and other social benefits reserved for bona fide citizens are being forced down the throats of the Shadow dwellers, to the tune of $113 billion a year paid for by US taxpayers.

Further, shadow people are not allowed to pay income taxes, are forced to drink ungodly amounts of alcohol and drive recklessly, and are otherwise encouraged to be problematic wards of the state.

This devastating wart on the psyche of Democrats and RINOs has forced said politicians to wage another mass suicide effort: Let's make illegal aliens LEGAL, so they will no longer have to live in the "shadows."

Political "leaders" like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reidare actually trying to sell amnesty with this illogical message.

As is the case with ALL arguments in favor of illegal aliens, the "bring them out of the shadows" nonsense is nothing but recycled snake oil.

To begin with, illegal aliens are NOT forced to live in shadows. Each and every last one of these free loading criminals is free to obey U.S. law by getting the hell out of America and returning to Mexico.


And take your freaking shadows with you!

Secondly: In recent years, millions of illegal aliens marched boldly through the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and other American cities to DEMAND amnesty.

Many foolishly waved Mexican flags and carried Spanish banners to publicize their demands.

Even to the most unsophisticated observer, it was obvious that these renegades were not inhibited and were certainly not timidly hiding in shadows.

The real solution to dealing with these miscreants:

Secure the borders militarily, deport all illegal aliens currently here, and enforce existing immigration laws.

In other words, let's have a "surge" at the border and in the barrios to rid America of this third world parasite!

It is the “right thing to do!”