Only Liars and Idiots Do NOT Use Racial Profiling!

By John W. Lillpop

The ongoing debate over the acquittal of George Zimmerman and the whole issue of racial profiling is baffling, at best, maddening at worse.

Fact is, if Zimmerman had not at least looked twice at Martin on that dark, rainy night of February 26, 2012, he(Zimmerman) would have been a complete idiot---the sort of watchman that burglars and thieves love.

After all, Zimmerman was surveying his watch area in response to documented instances of crime which had been perpetrated by young African American males. Not rumors or gossip!

In other words, it would have been prudent to give only a cursory look at little old Asian ladies on crutches, or blind peasants being pulled around by guide dogs.

But young black males in hoodies SHOULD cause alarm bells and whistles to go off!

Indeed, when putting one’s own safety and health at risk in a volunteer capacity for the community, then you HAD DAMN WELL BETTER TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT TRAYVON MARTIN AS HE WALKS IN THE DARK AND RAIN!

Which is not to say that Zimmerman should be programmed to automatically find and kill any black human male that he encounters. THAT would be racial discrimination of the worst kind, harking back to the days of the KKK.

However, it is to say that Zimmerman would be justified, AS WOULD ANY OTHER CITIZEN, in carefully scrutinizing Martin’s behavior, fully mindful of recent crime events.

Incidentally, Zimmerman’s detractors always point out that Martin was NOT ARMED…How in the world would Zimmerman know that?

Conversely to the issue, if a black man in a watchman role similar to that of Zimmerman had decided that Martin could be ignored because he (Martin) was black, THAT would be racial profiling, dangerous and completely unacceptable!

Racial profiling is an essential tool in combating crime and untoward circumstances. Refusing to accept that fact is damn near as criminal as burglary itself!