An “Inconvenient Truth” Confronts Obama and the Left: Mitt Romney Rocks!

By John W. Lillpop

As shock waves continue to jolt the sensibilities of liberal moon bats, the leftist-biased mainstream media, and Barack Obama himself, all of the excuses which seek to explain The One’s debate failure pale in comparison to the Inconvenient Truth:

Mitt Romney is articulate, bright, knowledgeable, and passionate about saving America. He is dedicated to salvaging the traditions and values that have blessed America for more than 230 years.

Unlike Obama, Romney has no delusion of grandeur about “fundamentally transforming America.”

After all, America is the greatest success story in human history. Only a warped ego-maniac blinded by a grossly exaggerated sense of personal worth and narcissistic mania would have the audacity, born of a dangerous mix of ignorance and arrogance, to challenge the American legacy.

Furthermore, Mitt Romney is more qualified than Barack Obama to serve in these perilous times.

After Obama’s amateurish performance during the first presidential debate, the most inconvenient truth of all is now almost accepted as common knowledge:

Barack Obama is NOT a messiah, he is NOT a genius with rare, world-class intelligence, he is NOT more perceptive than most, and he is NOT endowed with unique leadership skills.

In sum, Barack Obama is clean and articulate. However, he is NOT the most qualified candidate running for the presidency!

That honor belongs to Mitt Romney, the gracious, polite, eloquent, and masterful purveyor of political wisdom.

Mitt Romney is THE man for the job!