Just How Desperate Is Team Obama? Biden’s Goofy Faces and Lies Say It All!

By John W. Lillpop

Losing one’s grip on tyrannical rule and being forced out of elective office are never pleasant results, even to one with an ego the size of Texas and Alaska combined!

Indeed, it is clear that psychotic narcissism provides little or no protection against the bitter cuts which ensue when a phony, two-bit community organizer, posing as a Messiah with an IQ reserved for deity, is exposed as an intellectual light- weight whom is utterly helpless without a teleprompter and other high-tech gadgets devised for clueless Special Olympics politicians.

All of which is why VP Joe Biden was on a mission to create chaos and bedlam on behalf of his failed boss during the only Vice Presidential debate.

Like an expertly-programmed killer drone, the Veep complied by delivering a disgusting, disgraceful, and demeaning performance during the events in Kentucky.

Biden’s facial contortions, smirks, laughter and other derisive behavior while Paul Ryan spoke were designed to distract Ryan and upset the young man’s balance and delivery of truth.

The idea was for Biden to aggressively attack Ryan with lies and half-truths, and then to distract attention from Ryan with goofy faces as the young Republican delivered his rebuttal arguments.

Biden’s descent into debate chicanery, and worse, was naively conceived as a way to keep the world from hearing Paul Ryan’s masterful grip of facts, and to prevent the world from learning that the Romney-Ryan team has viable plans for replacing the Obama tax and spend nonsense with real recovery.

The result is that this morning the world is fully aware of the awful truth about Team Obama:

 Smirks, laughing, and outright lies are all that Obama has left.

We trust that the American public will understand that stark reality and vote accordingly!