Obama Vision for America: Part-Time Jobs, $6/gallon Gas, Trickle-Down Government

By John W. Lillpop

Marxist comrade Barack Obama has a vision for America that is unlike any president from the past and, hopefully, unlike any man or woman who may be elected US president in the future.

Essentially, Obama finds American Exceptionalism, the substance and spirit of the US Constitution, the Rule of Law, Capitalism, Profit, and American culture to be insufferable examples of racism gone amuck.

In his progressive mind, Obama sees all things through the prism of race, and judges everything based on this question:

Are African-Americans preferred based on skin pigmentation?

Other than basketball and football, most of the time the answer is NO, a profoundly distressing reality for Barack Obama.

He sees government as a mechanism for correcting the evils of white preeminence and prosperity, for the exclusive betterment of people of color.

Assets owned by Caucasians are, in Obama’s mind, at least partially the property of others, mostly people of color whom have been abused and exploited to enrich white people.

There is no such thing as “earned” when it comes to property possessed by whites.

Thus, Obama’s vision for America is that of Part-Time Jobs, $6/gallon Gas, More Trickle-Down Government, and greater redistribution.

All of which is necessary to contain white people!

President of all the people?

Don't be silly!