Biden’s Inappropriate Gestures Mock Murder of US Diplomats, other Serious Issues

Even Big Bird Was Embarrassed!

By John W. Lillpop

Vice-President Joe Biden’s facial antics during the Vice Presidential debate were disrespectful, condescending, rude, childlike, and just plain stupid.

Any points that Biden may have scored with his spoken words were totally mitigated by an unprofessional and inappropriate campaign of smirks, giggles, and laughter that Biden employed in an apparent attempt to undermine the knowledgeable and intelligent discourse offered by Paul Ryan.

In attempting to make Paul Ryan look small, Joe Biden succeeded in making himself look foolish, helpless, and intellectually unfit.
Biden’s painful degradation of the Vice Presidency was so out of place that it leads one to wonder: Can Biden hold it together, mentally and emotionally, until January 20, 2013?

Emotional and mental instability is the only logical explanation for behavior that had the Vice President of the United States grinning and smirking while the deaths of four American diplomats were being discussed.

Throughout the debate, as Paul Ryan spoke with dignity and respect, Joe Biden acted out like a five-year-old child desperate for attention. It was as though Biden knew that he was over matched and the smirks and giggles were meant to take the spotlight off the younger, brighter Paul Ryan.

Clearly, Joe Biden is not ready for prime time—even after 40 years!

Even Big Bird was embarrassed!