The "Chicago Way" Trumps CHANGE

By John W. Lillpop

Skittish Democrats in both Springfield and Washington foolishly assumed that the collateral damage to the party image caused by former Governor Blagojevich was no longer a concern given Blago's unanimous removal by the Illinois Senate on January 29.

Unfortunately for liberals bent on showcasing Obama-style CHANGE, the "Chicago Way" lives on.

It does so in the personage of Sen. Roland W. Burris (D-IL), the man whom U.S. Senate Democrats accepted into their den of inequity after assuring themselves that Burris was untarnished by the "play for pay" scandal that pummeled Blagojevich into a ball of weeping submission crowned by unruly hair.

As reported in the Washington Times, in part:

"Sen. Roland W. Burris, Illinois Democrat, accompanied by his attorney, Timothy Wright III, addressed a contentious news conference in Chicago on Sunday.

The freshman Democratic senator was peppered with questions in a frenzied and combative Chicago news conference about a quietly filed affidavit that appears to contradict his testimony in January about the Blagojevich associates with whom he had spoken about Barack Obama's Senate seat.

Mr. Burris admitted in the Feb. 4 affidavit to the Illinois state House, which was only made public Saturday, that Mr. Blagojevich's brother, Robert, asked him for campaign fundraising help before the former governor appointed Mr. Burris to the Senate in December."

Senator Burris went only to claim that he voluntarily submitted the affidavit disclosing his contact with Robert Blagojevich only to "clarify" his earlier testimony.

Translated from the "Chicago Way" of street politics into simple English, Burris' statement means, "That affidavit was submitted to cover my posterior. You were not supposed to read the damn thing, and I certainly did not expect to be held to the legalese, mumbo jumbo therein."

How about a show of hands from those who, like me, have had it with lying politicians from Illinois, especially those who promise CHANGE, but whom deliver only a disgusting regurgitation of corruption and vice, AKA, the Chicago Way?