"Citizen of the World" Learns that Foreign Leaders Often Hostile to American Interests

By John W. Lillpop

From his naive and inexperienced frame of reference, President Obama has operated under the delusion that simply "playing nice" with foreign leaders and declaring himself a citizen of the world could smooth out the messes left by former President George W. Bush.

Like other wrong-minded leftists, Obama has been loath to admit the fact that the world is a highly competitive and dangerous place where U.S. interests must be protected with all of the "USA First!" fervor and gusto that a president can muster.

Simply put, foreign leaders could care less about what is best for America, except when their own interests are directly involved.

Obama has a couple of recent examples that should serve as educational tools.

The first involves the so-called economic stimulus package which included a "Buy American!" theme.

As reported, in part, by Timesonline.com, European Union leaders were not amused:

"The European Union warned the US yesterday against plunging the world into depression by adopting a planned “Buy American” policy, intensifying fears of a trade war.

"The EU threatened to retaliate if the US Congress went ahead with sweeping measures in its $800 billion (£554 billion) stimulus plan to restrict spending to American goods and services.

Obama's second brush with reality came from India where the Indian government has, in essence, told Obama to butt out in the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

As reported, in part, at Financial Times.com:

"India has warned US President Barack Obama that he risks “barking up the wrong tree” if he seeks to broker a settlement between Pakistan and India over the disputed territory of Kashmir.

"MK Narayanan, India’s national security advisor, said that the new US administration was in danger of dredging up out of date Clinton administration-era strategies in a bid to bring about improved ties between the two nuclear armed neighbours.

“I do think that we could make President Obama understand, if he does nurse any such view, that he is barking up the wrong tree. I think Kashmir today has become one of the quieter and safer places in this part of the world,” Mr Narayanan said in an interview with CNBC TV18. "

What in the world is wrong with these foreigners? Are they unaware of the fact that Barack Obama was officially deified as the world's messiah on January 20?