Sticking to Principles Still Matters to Some!

By John W. Lillpop

Far too many elected leaders these days are little more than "swine merchants" who use funds absconded from the pockets of taxpayers to purchase and or trade political power and influence.

Most, but not all, Republicans can be counted on to resist reckless taxing and pork spending. That is true at the federal level, and in California as well.

The Golden State is blessed to have just enough GOP members to thwart the wrong minded plan of Governor Schwarzenegger and Democrats which, if enacted, would raise taxes at a time when recession and unemployment are rampant here.

We Californians owe a special debt of gratitude to State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore who resigned as Chief Republican Whip due to his opposition to a massive tax increase deal.

DeVore said, “The St. Valentine’s Day deal to raise taxes on hardworking Californians will neither close the budget deficit nor control spending. I believe leadership thinks they are doing the right thing – but I cannot be a party to this agreement as I believe it will harm California."

Bravo to a politician with the moral clarity and sense of purpose to stick to his principle.

Bravo to Chuck DeVore!

Assemblyman DeVore has announced his candidacy to oppose Barbara Boxer in 2010.

America will need to send principled conservatives like Chuck DeVore to Washington, D.C. in order to clean up the slop sure to result from the Obama trillion dollar pork feast.