Rethinking the Fairness Doctrine!

By John W. Lillpop

Based upon a cursory review of the proposed resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine, the notion appears unfair at best, unconstitutional and un-American at worst.

Still, a real Fairness Doctrine could actually help if it included all television and radio broadcasts, print media, Hollywood films, and Internet sites, and further provided that:

*Mainstream media were required to employ the same number of conservative and liberal reporters, editors, and production staff;

*To counter films like W., Hollywood should produce films that highlight the frailties of a Democrat president, such as the sexual perversion that drove President Clinton to commit perjury;

*For every skit in which Tina Fey ridicules Governor Sarah Palin, SNL should run a skit exposing the hypocrisy and muddled thinking of Nancy Pelosi;

*MSNBC should run "Meltdown" to track lies and mistakes by the Obama administration, including a daily countdown of real jobs created by the trillion dollar stimulus, versus jobs lost since the Inauguration;

*For every column in which a liberal columnist confesses to sexual dreams involving President Obama, the New York Times should publish an Ann Coulter column about liberal bias in the media;

*PBS should follow the "Jim Lehrer News Hour" with a live segment of "The Savage Nation;"

*Following 60 Minutes, CBS should run an investigative expose co-hosted by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity;

*ABC should hire Bay Buchanan and Phyllis Schlafly to replace two liberals on "The View";

*Spanish-language media should give equal voice to those who advocate secure borders, aggressive enforcement of immigration laws, and mass deportation of illegal aliens;

*Weather Channel should replace half of its global warming believing staff with skeptics who believe climate change is liberal pap, unsubstantiated by real science, and

*Oprah Winfrey should be required to interview Governor Sarah Palin and devote as much time to the conservative dynamo as was lavished on Barack Obama.

If administered fairly (not likely), the fairness doctrine could help dislodge the liberal bias pervasive in television and radio broadcasts, print media, films, and the Internet.

In which case, BRING IT ON!