Whatever Happened to the “Post Racial” America?

By John W. Lillpop

From the cow pastures of Nevada to the courts of the National Basketball Association (NBA), America’s preoccupation with race relations and racism has been stoked to a bloody frenzy.

It seems like just yesterday, a young, clean and articulate Democrat Senator from Illinois captured the imagination of the nation, and the world, really, with ringing oratory and powerful Promises of Hope and Change.

Among his most inspiring words were Obama’s promise to usher in a “Post Racial” era, where, under the leadership of the first American president of color, divisions between the races could be soothed and allowed to heal.

He could do it, Obama stated, just as he promised to bring Muslims, Christians, and Jews together!

Unfortunately, the Obama presidency has not improved racial relations in America; in fact, relations have deteriorated badly during his watch.

Of course it would be foolish to blame Obama alone for the current racial turmoil that permeates American life.

Still, one cannot help but wonder if the flames would be less intense if the President made an honest effort to put out the fire, rather than pouring gasoline on the flames in order to divide people for political gain?

Perhaps The One could soothe, rather than aggravate, the situation by promoting diplomacy rather than further division?

After all, it was he who promised a “Post Racial” America.