What About “School Lunch Inequality”?

By John W. Lillpop

Despite the gaudy victory speeches and staged celebrations prompted by the spurious success of Obamacare, Democrats whom are able to read and comprehend simple English, i.e., those not educated in California,  are running in dread fear that the “signature achievement” of the Obama presidency will also mark the end of liberalism, as we in America have come to know and loathe it.

Therefore, Marxist-elitists such as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are in panic mode as they seek to escape the wrath of voters come November. These leaders   are coalescing around corrupt, new ideas in search of innovative ways to, in colloquial terms, “put lipstick on a pig,” where the pig is Obamacare and the lipstick is the manufactured crisis of the unwashed classes, i.e., income equality and minimum wage.

Nancy Pelosi, daffiest of the daffy-elite, even went so far as to announce the “pivot” of her energies and intelligence, such as it is, from destruction of the best health-care system in the world toward jobs.

Jobs, Mrs. Pelosi?  Good heavens, a leading liberal has finally admitted that the Obamacare disaster has caused Democrats to take their eyes off the jobs ball!

Pelosi’s truth- letting is appreciated, even if unintentional!

Meanwhile, a new, disconcerting inequality is on the horizon with the potential to level the playing field and a few demented lefties at the same time.

The issue is school lunch inequality.

As reported, while Michelle Obama promotes her skimpy, stomach- turning school lunch ideas for consumption by the unwashed, her precocious daughters feast on menus designed by chefs at the Sidwell Friends school, a pricey, private school reserved for the offspring of the most elitist in Washington, D.C.

 First Lady Michelle Obama's daughters attend Sidwell Friends, and their meals include hot lunches that are prepared every day fresh-from-scratch. The company that caters the food, Meriwether-Godsey, uses chefs to prepare the food on-site - from scratch - with local and organic foods where possible.
Here's a sampling of the school's "soup of the day": Borscht, Tuscan white bean, Italian bean and kale, calico wild rice, Thai chicken coconut soup, local butternut squash soup, chilled cucumber and mint soup, and chilled blueberry soup.
Other delectable lunch items include:
Crusted tilapia
Herb roasted chicken
Strawberries and chevre salad
Freshly baked muffins
Pesto cream & garden fresh marinara sauce
Cheese tortellini
All natural house-made chicken fingers
Scallion rice
Roasted edamame & Shitake mushrooms
Jicama mango slaw
BBQ sliders
Pesto pasta
All natural rosemary chicken
Fresh herb risotto
All natural beef nachos
Vegetarian stuffed Portobello mushrooms
Baked lemon herb tilapia
Arugula, fennel and parmesan salad
Baked organic French fries
Baked three-cheese lasagna
Pepperoni flatbread pizza

If the items listed above look like they could appear on the menu at a wedding or a five-star restaurant, that's because the menus are prepared by people that have studied under Sous Chefs.”

So where in the name of equality and justice is the liberal concern for the less fortunate when it comes to school lunches?

The big question: Will the vile gap between what poor and  middle-class children are forced(at the behest of Michelle Obama) to eat at school as compared to the ostentatious grub that the Obama girls enjoy at Sidwell Friends precipitate a counter-revolution against liberal hypocrisy of sufficient magnitude to usher in a new wholly conservative Congress?

Indeed. what about “school lunch inequality,” America?