Liberals to Capitalize on Fort Hood Slaughter to Offset Obamacare Losses in Mid-term Elections?

By John W. Lillpop

It would be altogether wrong to accuse Democrats of openly plotting to use the tragic events at Fort Hood as a means for offsetting the calamitous impact expected to ensue from Obamacare during the upcoming elections.


After all, four Americans lost their lives, several more were injured on this tragic day. Surely, even power-mad liberals would not ignore death and injury inflicted on innocent  Americans just for purely selfish political purposes?


WARNING: The above question must be answered honestly and without even thinking the word Benghazi or the name Hillary Clinton!

Still, the American people can expect to be bombarded with a tsunami of self-righteous indignation and 2nd Amendment bashing from the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and other left-wing hypocrites, even before all the facts are in, and before the most basic elements of  truth are gleaned.

Furthermore, in their role as media lap dogs for the DNC, CNN probably has issued an urgent wire
to Piers Morgan offering an apology for his widely advertised termination and an invite to drive Ted Turner’s leftist empire into further ratings hell.

The BREAKING NEWS Headline: Americans slaughtered, Piers Morgan vindicated!

As serious Americans ponder the consequences of untoward gun violence, a coalition of leftist nut balls in Congress is in the process of crafting new, tougher gun control laws which would take guns out of the hands of law-abiding patriots and sportsmen, while doing nada to prevent insane soldiers from acting out on military bases where guns are, necessarily, as free-flowing and common as money laundering and bribery on the hallowed halls of our corrupt Congress.

Still, one is tempted to look to enlightened Progressives for solutions to difficult issues.

Indeed, why not heed the words of intellectually-gifted cream puffs like Nancy Pelosi and  simply make it against the law to engage in “workplace violence” on Government property?

Mission Accomplished!  Till the next slaughter!