What if Illegals Were Mostly “Gooks,” Senator McCain?

By John W. Lillpop

By virtue of his exemplary war record, Senator John McCain is a genuine American hero. No one can materially challenge his sterling record while in the service of our nation.

However, just as America has learned, most painfully, that a law degree from a prestigious university and a liberal-media created reputation as an intellectually-gifted Messiah does not qualify one to serve as President, so it is that being held captive as a prisoner-of-war for six years does not guarantee that one emerges with the judgment needed to serve with distinction in the US Senate.

The later certainly applies to Senator John McCain, (R-Arizona) particularly as pertains to the reprehensible amnesty bill passed in the US Senate. Amnesty would, if signed into law, reward criminals whom have ignored our borders and laws with the most coveted prize on the planet: US citizenship.

McCain’s credentials as a “conservative” were tarnished yet again by another dire warning from the Senator, the essence of which is that protecting American sovereignty and the rule of law is no longer required, or even encouraged.

As reported at the reference:

Sen. John McCain has a strong warning for Republicans: Falter on immigration reform and the party will lose in 2016.

“If we fail on immigration reform, it won't matter who our nominee is because of the polarization of the Hispanic vote,” McCain, R-Ariz., tells “The Fine Print.” “Now that's not why I'm for immigration reform but it certainly is one of the consequences of a failure.”

McCain’s surrender on this vital issue is astonishing given his wartime record while held captive by the enemy in Viet Nam for six years.

One must confront the Senator, “Sir, it is hard to believe that you suffered torture and humiliation in captivity so that foreign illegal aliens could invade our nation, ignore our laws, and steal public services, AND be rewarded for their criminality with US citizenship. With all due respect, that is NOT the American way!”

“Would your position be different if the invaders were “gooks,” Senator?”

Ref: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/power-players-abc-news/straight-talk-express-back-mccain-fears-future-gop-094426030.html