Obama: Haunted and Befuddled by the Ghost of W!

By John W. Lillpop

As President Barack Obama continues to dither, bob and weave, and tap dance around the serious issue of dealing with Muslim war mongers throughout Africa and the Middle East, his task is made all the more difficult because of his neurotic obsession with former President George W. Bush.

W.’s ghost has apparently taken up residence at the White House and visits with Obama each morning as the president shaves. During his early morning visits, Ghost Bush reminds Obama that attacking Syria, without Congressional or UN approval, and lacking any legitimate threat to the interests of the United States is both Unconstitutional and immoral.

Ghost Bush points out that his namesake secured appropriate approvals before invading Afghanistan and Iraq.
In the case of Iraq, W. proudly trumpeted his “Coalition of the Willing.”

Ghost Bush taunts The One further by asking, “What coalition of the willing” have you assembled, Mr. President? Judging from editorials in the press, recent polls, and numerous negative statements from folks like Senator John McCain and others, your Coalition consists of only yourself.

Even the British have announced a reversal of their passion for the Obama war.”

Clearly, Mr. President, this has the potential to be another huge foreign policy failure, nearly as onerous as the Obamacare mess that is just weeks away.

Which brings up another point: Won’t commanding a war, which could escalate into World War 111, interfere with your ability to implement the ghastly Obamacare war on the American people here at home?

You also face challenges on the budget, debt ceiling and immigration.

Face it sir, you simply do not have time to waste on a silly middle-east war! And do not forget the sequestration bug which has decimated the military and limited your war-making options!

All in all sir, W. thinks your best option would be to just punt the Syrian mess. Justify your action by referring to awful war mistakes made by W. and the budget fiasco that Republicans have created!

Just say no to war, Barack! Do it in honor of that silly, undeserved Nobel Peace prize that you received in 2009!

Do it to affirm your most important legacy item of all as the Non-Bush president!