Another “Inevitability” Gig for the Hildabeast?

By John W. Lillpop

Seems like just yesterday that the mainstream media, in its gratuitous fawning over Hillary Rodham Clinton, bestowed on her lying head the Bad Journalism Seal of Approval, and designation as the “Inevitable” heir to the US Presidency.

Even though her disapproval numbers hovered near 50 percent, Hillary’s liberal credentials, coupled with her mindless adoration of, and groveling before Slick Willie, the immoral perjurer who just happened to be president number 40 and Hillary’s SINO (Spouse In Name Only) entitled Hillary to be the first female president in the history of the Republic, so said the media.

Having so decided, dodo heads at liberal terrorist outlets throughout the nation (CNN, New York Times, LA Times) set out to convince everyday Americans that Hillary Clinton was the best and brightest to replace the insufferable George W. Bush, owner of a second-rate mind and an insatiable appetite for invading Muslim nations in order to protect and defend NOT the interests of the American people, but rather, the liquid assets (Oil) of rich, white cowboys from Texas.

This was mid-2007, just months before “THE ONE” emerged from the streets of Chicago with vague, nebulous promises of “Hope and Change” that would eventually overwhelm the Hildabeast and convert her inevitability blanket into a rain check.

Barack Hussein Obama was a certified liberal with a socialist/communist resume that made Hillary look like a right-wing conspiracy agitator in comparison. He was a real lefty who hated America and vowed to change everything about it if elected.
Best of all, Obama was BLACK-- Clean and articulate, with no Negro dialect, and no substantial record to defend.

Perfect, said the mainstream moguls! A black commie who looks and sounds white, except for what he says, whatever the hell that was!

In short order, Hillary’s “Inevitability” had been involuntarily transferred from her cold calculating hands to the precocious head of Barack Obama, who although not known as a congenital liar, was from the streets of Chicago where a Gangsta education gave him sufficient fondness for corruption and vice to qualify as a good Democrat with a bright future in Washington, DC.

The rest is, as they say, is history.

With the help of the New Black Panther Party, ACORN fraud, lap-dog servants in the media, and disgusting treachery that one would expect from a third-world Latin banana republic, The One defrocked the Hildabeast, dumped her tarnished “Inevitability” into a dumpster, and began his wretched odyssey to destroy the greatest society known to the human species.

Having all but destroyed America, Barack is content with supporting Hillary in 2016, so that the dismantling of our Democracy can be finished and made final.

Count Barack Obama among those who see another “Inevitability” gig for Hillary Rodham Clinton!