Jobs? With Plethora of Food Stamps, Welfare, and Disability, Who Needs Them?

By John W. Lillpop

While campaigning for the US Presidency, Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” America, even though America is, and has been for more than 230 years, the most prosperous, freest, greatest, success story in human history!

Damn near every person from every corner of the globe clamors to share in the American dream, YET Barack Obama wants to fundamentally transform that which is so highly coveted?

Why would anyone, with even modest intellectual insight, propose to change this blessed nation which, as is, offers the greatest hope for material, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and moral fulfillment in the entire universe?

Emphasis on as is, please!

For, it is irrefutable that America don’t need no “stinkin” transformation, especially from a low-information, misguided community organizer who believes that borders, language, culture, and traditional family values are passe relics passed down by heathen to keep people of color in inferior stations, presumably in line with the wishes of a white Christian deity.

How much better, the One reasons, for the poor, dispirited, disenfranchised, and illegal if America were to embrace the tenants of Communism where all, except the transparency-shielded elite, are equal?

Albeit, equally impoverished; but, after all, sacrifice is the mother’s milk of utopian paradise! Right?

Unless, that is, one is privileged enough to vacation at an $7 million plus luxury mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, while the less privileged are forced to convert garbage dumpsters into home-sweet-homes? (See http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/man-converts-nyc-dumpster-home-185108416.html).

After all, the splendor and comfort of Martha’s Vineyard is but the perfect venue for celebrating the latest Summer of Recovery brought home by the Marxist tyranny of job-killing taxes, wasteful spending, and deficit-neutral denial; all mainstays of the only administration in US history to deliberately, and with malice, work to pummel the middle class while claiming to be its greatest advocate!

According to the Obama doctrine, persistently high unemployment and low economic growth are NOT necessarily demonic or inherently bad:

Mitigating circumstances include the fact that low growth means less wealth hijacked to the coffers of evil business owners and the filthy rich.

As far as jobs are concerned, please remember that monies earned from honest work are being replaced in full by government-sponsored explosions in food stamps, free cell phones, welfare, and funded disability claims, AND by the greatest entitlement of all, ObamaCare!

Jobs? Who needs them?

In the golden age of Obama, jobs are properly viewed as “old school” corporate slavery!