Exactly Whom (Or What) Is the Republican “Establishment”?

By John W. Lillpop

As the GOP struggles to find a viable (or at least reasonable) candidate to oppose Barack Obama, the odd twists and turns in the fortunes of the surviving combatants are often attributed to those anonymous rascals known only as the Republican “establishment.”

No one seems to know who or what the hell the term means.

Is it, for example, El Rushbo? Seems most unlikely since he himself occasionally chides the establishment for being the most potent weapon in Obama’s re-election arsenal.

Very well, then, maybe “it” is the Bush Family, consisting of two former presidents and a third who fancies his likeness on Mt. Rushmore?

Are the Bush boys willfully sponsoring discontent and mayhem among Republicans so as to leave open a spot for Jeb when the moment is just right later in 2012?

Just who the holy hell is the omnipotent establishment that is in control of everything, especially since it seems as though no one is controlling anything?

Matt Drudge? Michael Savage? Charles Krauthammer or Brit Hume?

Who has the power and respect (and money) to dictate whom will be the alternative to our Marxist president?

Could it be that voters ARE in fact the Establishment by virtue of participation in elections and polls?

That last notion seems utterly implausible, given the fact that Republican voters are mindless Sheeple who will vote for anyone with an R next to his or her name, regardless of ideology or qualifications.

Just who is the mysterious Republican "establishment"?

Just asking.