Open Letter to California Governor Jerry Brown: Illegal Aliens and the State Budget Deficit

January 9, 2012

Dear Governor;

The new calendar year has barely rolled out and already California faces yet another multi-billion dollar deficit in the state budget. In order to deal with the deficit, you have asked taxpayers to pass a referendum that will raise income taxes at a time when the economy is already in deep recession, or worse.

You have also warned that should the people refuse to raise taxes, it will be necessary for your administration to cut $4.2 from education programs that serve our children K-12.

With all due respect, sir, California citizens deserve better than to be pummeled with more taxes or inferior education.

As you know, our state spends approximately $10 billion per year to educate, house, and provide medical care for illegal aliens, vagrant invaders who have no moral or legal basis for being in America or California.

It is no coincidence that our budget deficit is approximately the same as the amount that is wasted on illegal aliens.

And despite the ruinous effects of illegal aliens on our economy, culture and language, your administration has approved legislation like the Dream Act, which will reward illegal aliens with lower tuition, at the same time that AMERICAN CITIZENS will be forced to accept less.

Many misguided city leaders have designated their cities as “Sanctuary Cities,” where federal immigration laws and procedures are ignored to protect those who simply do not belong here.

About 30 percent of the costs associated with our penal system is for handling illegal aliens. Billions of dollars are involved.

Governor, I realize that immigration is largely a federal issue. However, I believe that you have abdicated your responsibility to AMERICAN CITIZENS by virtue of your pro-illegal alien actions and failure to speak out strongly in opposition to the wrong-minded policies of the Obama Administration.

Sir, the time has come to honor the needs of Citizens rather than coddling and pandering to illegal aliens.

I urge you to use your office and political prestige to pressure President Obama and leaders in the U.S. House and Senate to begin the process of enforcing laws currently in effect.

That means let’s begin the process of deporting those who do not belong here.

Let’s eliminate the outrageous amount of money spent on illegal aliens and focus on meeting the needs of American citizens.


San Jose Ca