Islam a “Religion of Peace”? Where?

By John W. Lillpop

It may be true that Islam is indeed a “Religion of Peace” as has been contended by U.S. Presidents Bush and Obama, as well as by other Muslim apologists.

Most rationale Americans, however, will blanche at the very notion, given the events of 9/11.

Furthermore, the “Religion of Peace” moniker seems completely at odds with reality in view of current events:

The slaughter of innocent Muslims by the Assad regime continues unabated in Syria despite widespread revulsion and condemnation throughout the world; Iran continues to defy the world in pursuing nuclear-nation status, a defiance that is very close to erupting into all-out war; more than a year following the purging of dictator Muhammad Hosni Mubarak from power in Egypt and following democratic elections, Muslims are again being killed in Tahrir Square because, of all things, disputes involving football; the so-called “great achievement” of the Obama administration in Iraq seems tenuous, at best, and more likely to devolve into chaos; and Muslims continue to destroy Muslims in Afghanistan as the House of Obama-Clinton tries to negotiate peace in that God-forsaken hell-hole where peace has been evasive for decades, if not centuries.

And so it is, throughout the middle-east and Africa, Muslims are taking up arms against fellow Muslims in issues of great significance to issues not worthy of bloodshed (football), at least by Western standards.

A variety of words can be used to make sense when discussing the Muslim faith. “Religion of peace” is NOT among them!