Obama’s Iran Nuke Fiasco: Better NEVER Than Late!

By John W Lillpop

In yet another wretched foreign policy failure, Barack Obama’s much-maligned effort to undercut world secure by allowing the terror state of Iran to go nuclear is about to go belly-up and miss the June 30 deadline for completion.

Of course, Obama and the mainstream media conspirators will spin the latest failure as yet another great foreign policy victory for The One and his crippled Secretary of State, the non-effervescent, uninspiring and uninspired John Kerry.


Come to think of it, perhaps Obama’s latest dud failure should, in fact, be considered a win in the perspective of  “Better NEVER than late,”  as all of Obama’s policy initiatives should judged?

Whom, then, should get the credit for diffusing the most illogical, stupid, irrational idea to erupt from Obama’s dulled intellect in at least a week or so?

Be it John Kerry’s broken leg?  Or Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s last minute demands and absolute refusal to allow western inspections of Iranian sites?

Or just chalk it up to serendipity, and good Karma for America!

Whatever, it looks as though the highly-touted surrender to the terrorist state of Iran by Barack Obama and his gimpy top diplomat will be delayed.

As reported at the reference:

A senior U.S. official acknowledged Sunday that Iran nuclear talks will go past their June 30 target date, as Iran's foreign minister prepared to head home for consultations before returning to push for a breakthrough.
Iranian media said Mohammed Javad Zarif's trip was planned in advance. Still, the fact that he was leaving the talks so close to the Tuesday deadline reflected his need to get instructions on how to proceed on issues where the sides remain apart - among them how much access Tehran should give to U.N. experts monitoring his country's compliance to any deal.
The United States insists on more intrusive monitoring than Iran is ready to give. With these and other disputes still unresolved, the likelihood that the Tuesday target deadline for an Iran nuclear deal could slip was increasingly growing even before the U.S. confirmation.
The dispute over access surfaced again Sunday, with Iranian Gen. Masoud Jazayeri saying that any inspection by foreigners of Iran's military centers is prohibited.
He said the attempt by the U.S. and its allies to "obtain Iran's military information for years ... by the pressure of sanctions" will not succeed.”
 The greatest angst seems to come from the west, where Barack Obama’s tenure as president is rapidly ending and Obama is in a full-court press to establish  a foreign policy “legacy” that will rival his destructive efforts on domestic issues such as immigration, race relations, and economic growth.

With any decent luck at all, “Better NEVER Than Late” will get us through Obama’s ruinous tyranny and into the sunshine sure to bless we the people on January 20, 2017!