Finally, Insight Into Obama’s Self-Hatred, Destructive Behavior!

By John W. Lillpop

For nigh unto seven years, Barack Obama has mystified political pundits, critics and supporters alike, with statements and behaviors that often seem contradictory to his own best interests.

For instance, in 2009 the president rushed off to Copenhagen in order to pitch the case for holding the 2016 Olympics in Chicago. This despite an already full plate of important domestic and foreign situations in urgent need of  attention from America’s new chief executive, and no reliable assurance that Chicago would win the coveted award, with or without The One on hand.

Obama’s Copenhagen strategy became more than just a minor embarrassment when The One’s personal presence failed to seal the deal for Chicago; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil received the award and will host the Olympics in 2016.

One can only imagine the gloom and doom that must have spoiled the president’s return flight from Copenhagen, sans the glory rightfully owed the silver-tongued Marxist from Chicago, as a matter of birthright and PC decorum!

In the ensuing years, Obama continued to downgrade the presidency with foolish acts of pomposity and delusion causing learned people to question his “Smartest Man In the Room” self-profile and openly muse about the disconnect between Obama’s reputed sky-high IQ and his bumbling missteps.

From vanishing red-lines in Syria to leading from behind in Libya and other foreign conflicts, to domestic incompetence which gifted both chambers of the United States Congress to the GOP, The One has distinguished himself as uniquely undistinguishable from the most incapable, destructive presidencies in US history.

Obama’s disastrous policy in the vanquished state of Iraq is another prime example of  entanglements gone completely awry.

For it was while Obama was taking yet another victory lap for bringing the soldiers home from W’s “dumb war” that the world became aware of ISIS, the Islamofascist monster created in Syria and Iraq to fill the void left by the  hasty, ill-conceived retreat of America from the cradle of civilization.

ISIS, which, despite it’s name, Obama insists is NOT Islam, has slaughtered, burned alive, tortured, and ruthlessly destroyed thousands of innocent lives, including Christians beheaded for the onerous sin of  allegiance to the Cross, in an unprecedented reign of terror and sub-human barbarism not seen since Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich haunted mother earth.

Despite the horrendous presence of ISIS, Barack Obama still has no strategy for defeating the evil Muslim relics from the 7th century; but rest assured that Obama and his minions are ahead of the curve and closing in on victory against the non-existent threat of climate change and global warming!

So, how to explain Obama’s fixation with idiocy and utter failure?

Consider this quote from a former adviser who claims that Obama once confided to him:  “You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.” 

Given Obama’s deep-seeded hatred of Jews, is it possible that The One says and does what he does to punish himself for being Jewish?