Has Anyone Verified Hillary’s Birth Certificate?

By John W Lillpop

After seven years of gut wrenching controversy about whether or not Barack Obama met the Constitutional eligibility requirement to be president, one would think that “vetting” would an imperative for responsible  media in fulfilling their 4th estate obligations to the American people.

The fact that there is so such thing as a “responsible” media in the US is, of course, all too true, but should not accepted as an excuse for letting the likes of Barack Obama occupy the Oval Office!

Of keen interest as we approach the 2016 presidential cycle is the personage of Hillary Rodham Clinton, left-wing extremist and former Secretary of State and US Senator from New York.

Apart from Clinton’s alleged involvement in the execution and cover up of the Benghazi scandal and other possible high crimes and misdemeanors, the Lady’s claim to be 67 years old simply does not ring true.

Fact is, Hillary looks to be at least 85, especially in photos taken after all-night State Department flights during which too much raucous partying and lord knows what else happens and which apparently involves HRC!

Although the Constitution does not establish an upper age limit for serving as president, prudence would dictate that anyone who looks as trashed as Hillary does should be automatically disqualified on the basis of appearance alone!