Dudes &Dudesses in Black Robes to Render America’s Spiritual Heritage Invalid?

By John W. Lillpop

This month of June is destined to be historic for we the people of the US on many fronts.

To begin with, the Barack Obama & John Kerry “negotiating” team has set the end of June as the deadline for arming the Islamic Republic of Iran with the nuclear wherewithal to shove Israel and it’s six million occupants into the Mediterranean sea.  The only non-divine intervention that could possibly prevent the extinction of Israel would be a late surge of Republican guts in Congress in opposition to the Obama anti-Israel scheme; unfortunately, GOP guts are a scarce commodity these days, hardly ever seen or felt, and never to be relied on when it comes to Obama administration dealings with Islamic terrorists!

Later in June, monumental issues will be decided by six men and three women in black robes operating out of Washington, D.C. These nine intellectual behemoths will decide the fate of Marxist medicine (ObamaCare) and the fundamental issue of whether or not a free people is free to define what constitutes a legal marriage, or whether such definition is the exclusive province of elitists in government and the law.

Other matters will also be delivered from on high as well, but none will be more controversial, divisive, and monumental as the same-sex decree.

Above all else, the Supreme Court’s rulings on same-sex marriage will establish the right and standing of flesh and blood mortals to question the validity of Judeo-Christian teachings and heritage as expressed in spiritual volumes such as the Holy Bible.

For example, does it really matter what Jesus said 2,000 years ago if five modern-day SCOTUS associates believe otherwise in 2015?

Do free and democratic elections conducted in California and other states mean anything all if a federal judge(s) decides that the election result is “unconstitutional?”

Are the views and opinions of ten of millions of legitimate citizens to be ignored in deference to the will and judgment of non-elected officials whose views may reflect dangerous biases and bigotry, and whom are not subject to  formal oversight?

Is America ready to forego the blessings of the Creator in order to embrace the political correctness garbage of immoral, insane liberals?